This is a must-read if you’re considering induction due to your due date having come and gone. She’s also included some really great links for more information. Don’t succumb to the medical pressure to schedule your baby. Trust your body.
Thank you Rachel Reed for a great article!

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Edited and updated: July 2014

In Australia 26% of labours are induced. The most common reason for induction is a ‘prolonged pregnancy’. That’s an awful lot of babies outstaying their welcome and requiring eviction. I am not going to get stuck into the concept of a ‘due date’ and how accurate or not they are, otherwise this will be a very long post. I also think the EDD (estimated date of delivery) is here to stay – it is deeply embedded in our culture and health care system. You can read about the history of timelines in birth here. This post will focus on induction for prolonged pregnancy and the complexities of risk.

A quick word about risk

I don’t particularly like the concept of ‘risk’ in birth. There are all kinds of problems associated with providing care based on risk rather than on individual women. However, risk along with ‘due…

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