In the News – La Leche League’s Pissed, Strippers in Church, and Baby’s IQ

Every now and then I take a look at what’s happening in the news regarding all things mom (i.e. crazy breastfeeding stories, pregnancy and breastfeeding health news, etc.) Here’s a look at what’s been making headlines lately…

Have you gained a bit more weight than is recommended during pregnancy (yeah I did too)?Well, you can rest a little bit easier because a study has recently come out that says that weight gain in pregnancy is NOT related to your baby’s intelligence.While excessive weight gain during pregnancy is not healthy for mom or baby, this study was able to control all the other variables influencing a baby’s IQ and focus just on maternal weight gain. They tested children at ages 4 and 7 and saw no significant difference when mom had packed on a few too many pounds while pregnant. More studies need to be done, but at least this is one less thing to worry about.

Anyone who is familiar with the organization La Leche League – which is probably most breastfeeding mothers — knows that they can get pretty passionate about their views. They are, I would argue, the original and influential supporters behind making breastfeeding the norm and promoting it as the best way to feed a baby. But, they are raising a stink in New Zealand over an ad featuring a male rugby player bottle feeding his 6-month-old baby. The ad isn’t for formula, rather it’s an anti-smoking ad aimed at keeping parents from smoking around their children. As far as I’m concerned that’s a pretty good message to get across (I really REALLY hate it when I see parents smoking around their kids), but the ad was pulled due to pressure from La Leche League because they are concerned that it does not put the message across that breastfeeding is what is best. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. If you think LLLI is a bit radical (or too crunchy) at times, but still want to be part of a group of knowledgable breastfeeding women, check out the relatively new Breastfeeding USA.

A few days ago it came out that a church in Georgia is very confused about exactly what a stripper is and what that profession entails. It is now making national news that Nirvana Jennette, mother of 4 and Doula, is being accused of lewd behavior because she was nursing her baby in church and the pastor asked her to go to the bathroom and compared her to a stripper.

This is a picture of an actual mother actually breastfeeding her baby...or it's a stripper...I can't tell.

Now, ok he gets a pass if he can answer yes to these questions three:

  1. Was there a long pole involved?
  2. Was Ms. Jennette stripped down to naught but a wee g-string and a pastie (just one because…she was nursing)?
  3. Does the stirp club he frequents feature nursing mom-strippers to satisfy a fetish?

In response to this outrage, Ms. Jennette has organized a state-wide nurse-in on March 5. She’s trying to change the state law that basically says nursing moms can nurse anywhere they are allowed to be but can still be tried for lewd behavior. You can support her efforts by signing her petition (there’s also a link to her petition letter). And, if you’re a fan of Oprah, she’s been seen with one of the fliers supporting the cause, people would love to know where her support lies (I’m sure it’s with breastfeeding moms…I mean…it’s Oprah!).


Let me know what you think about what the world is saying about breastfeeding, pregnancy and parenting.


Thanks and Happy Parenting!

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  1. LOVE your write up!


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